TeamCal NeoTeamCal Neo is a web-based calendar application and successor to the popular TeamCal Pro. It’s purpose is the day-based absence management of project teams.

TeamCal Neo’s goal is to maintain the successful concept of a day-based calendar while providing an easy yet attractive user interface.

TeamCal Neo supports the customization of holiday types and absence types, thus, its purpose can be altered to any graphical representation of timeline based processes or activities, e.g. a simple project plan or an event management. I have seen many great ideas of how to use TeamCal Pro that can also be done in TeamCal Neo.

TeamCal Neo vs. TeamCal Neo Basic

From 2020 on, two new and separate versions will be available, the free TeamCal Neo Basic that offers core features and the new TeamCal Neo that requires a proper license and an Internet connection to run and that offers advanced features. Both products are developed separately with different version numbers.

Please review the comparison table below for more details about the differences.


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TeamCal Neo comes in two flavors, the free TeamCal Neo Basic and TeamCal Neo offering advanced features and that requires a yearly license fee.

Features TeamCal Neo Basic TeamCal Neo
Core Features Yes Yes
Users 20 Unlimited
Absence Types 10 Unlimited
Themes 2 22
Bootstrap Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
Font Awesome Font Awesome 5.6 Font Awesome 5.12
Year Calendar View Yes
Statistics Yes
Messaging Yes
Attachments Yes
Advanced Support Yes
Price Free! € 149 / Year (as of 2022-09-15)


TeamCal Neo requires a license key to run properly. You can install the application beforehand but you need to enter and activate a license key to unlock all the features. A license key can be requested at the Support site by submitting a ticket there. It will be provided to you after your payment has been received. You need to renew the license once it has been expired.

TeamCal Neo Basic requires no license key.


TeamCal Neo offers a wide variety of options that you can use to adjust its features to your needs. Those features include:

Absence Types

tcn-absencetypesThe administrator can create and configure absence types. Besides a one-letter code, icon and colors he can define thresholds and allowances per absence type. Absence types can also be restricted to certain groups only.

Limited to 10 in TeamCal Neo Basic

Absence Type Icons

Each absence type can be assigned a Font Awesome icon. You can select from over 400. This icon is then displayed in the calendar views. It’s color can also be configured.


tcn-attachmentsTeamCal Neo allows to upload files and share them with other users or groups.

Not available in TeamCal Neo Basic

Comfortable Menu

tcn-menuA comfortable menu offers a very convenient way to navigate through the many features of the application.


tcn-daynotesYou can define notes for each day of the calendar like holidays, events, anniversaries and such. But also personal daynotes are available. A daynote is indicated by a little marker in the according cell. Moving the mouse over that cell will reveal the note in form of a tool-tip.

Declination Management

tcn-declinationBased on thresholds of a maximum absence percentage per group the Declination Management provides approval capabilities to group managers. You can also define periods in which absences will be declined.

Groups and Roles

tcn-groupsEach user can be assigned to a group. The groups can be defined by the administrator. A user can be a simple member of a group or can be the manager of that group granting him certain additional rights.
Roles can be used to grant different permissions in TeamCal Neo.



tcn-holidaysHolidays and other region related events can be configured and displayed in the calendar.


tcn-languagesTeamCal Neo supports multiple languages. It comes in German and English. You can create your own language files to add yours.

Message Center

tcn-messagesUsers can communicate with each other via the message center. Decide whether you want your message to pop up the next time the receiving user logs in or whether you want it to be sent to him via eMail.

Not available in TeamCal Neo Basic

Permission Schemes

tcn-permissionsWho can do what in TeamCal Neo is defined by permission schemes. You decide what permissions you want for each role you have configured. Each permission combination can be saved as a permission scheme so you can quickly switch between them.


tcn-regionsYou can configure regions to display region related holidays and other events. Consider it as a calendar template that users can chose to view their absences in.


tcn-statisticsBeautiful statistics offer details about abesences and presences. That way managers can get an effective graphical overview.

Not available in TeamCal Neo Basic

System Log

tcn-logA detailed and configurable log shows you everything that users do, add or change.


TeamCal Neo comes with 24 Bootstrap 4 skins. Chose dark, light or different color combinations to make it look just like you want. Each user can chose his/her own skin if you allow it. See all the skins in the TeamCal Neo Themes article…

2 Bootstrap-3 skins in TeamCal Neo Basic

User Management

tcn-usermanagementThe user management gives you control about your calendar accounts. You can even archive them including their settings for later reactivation.

Limited to 20 in TeamCal Neo Basic

User Options

tcn-useroptionsA wide variety of options are available for the administrator and the users themselves to configure their profile.

Year Calendar View

tcn-yearcalendarBesides of the month-based view you can switch to a year view for each user. In one glance you will see all absences of that user throughout the year. This is very helpful to see how certain blocks of absences are spread over the year.


You can browse the code and download the latest release from the GitHub repositories:

TeamCal Neo … TeamCal Neo Basic … TeamCal Neo (Legacy) …

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