Rainmeter Grayhound DesktopThe Rainmeter Skin “Grayhound” is a skin for the desktop metering software Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a popular and free metering software providing beautiful skins to display system information on your desktop. It allows to design your own skins as well.

My Rainmeter Skin Grayhound provides a non-intrusive, grayish visualization of your meters – placed at the left and right edge of the screen. It is loosely based on the “Enigma”skin.

New in Version 4

Rainmeter Grayhound SidebarThe new major release 4 has been completely overhauled. Measures and Meters are now in separate files, included by the skins who need them. It is a major improvement for making adjustments to or adding new skins based on the Grayhound framework.

Also, upon many requests, I added two more larger sizes for each skin (as variations) called “Medium” and “Large”.

On top of that, there are two new skins, the Musc skin and the CPU Bars skin.

SpeedFan has been replaced by HWiNFO.  It does all what SpeedFan does plus much more. Only one addl. application to run.


You can find a more detailed documentation about it here.


Grayhound is also available from DeviantArt.


You can browse the code or download the latest release from Github:

Go to GitHub…


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