Windows Sounds Commander Zod

Windows Sounds Commander ZodCommander Zod” was a very popular tower defense game in the late 90s. Not only the challenging AI is worth to mention but also the humorous story and corresponding sounds are adding to the fun. Imagine Brad and Allan, two robots, drinking oil for beer and bitching about their commander Zod. A perfect set of funny sounds to add to Windows. Enjoy the Windows Sounds Commander Zod.

I extracted some of the hilarious quotes of these two and put them together in this Windows sound scheme. Just download the setup executable to install it in Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. If you know the game, you will love it anyway, if you don’t, you still might get a kick out of it. The setup will creat a sound scheme “Commander Zod” and sets those sounds as the current ones. You can always revert back of course or pick another sound scheme through Control Panel -> Sound -> Sounds.

Samples of the Windows Sounds Commander Zod

“Nice one! 10 points, jerk!”

“Incoming message”

“Switch the bitch on…”


Download “Windows Sounds Commander Zod” | 601 KB | 2016-03-21 | 2190

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