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The popular day-based web calendar for teams

A free WordPress Plugin for ChordPro file rendering

Free Bootstrap Visuals plugins for WordPress and Confluence

A WordPress plugin showing Jira issue information.

A multi-module system metering skin for Rainmeter

A setup routine for the SysInternals tools from Microsoft

Latest Posts

TeamCal Neo

TeamCal Neo is a web-based calendar application and successor to the popular TeamCal Pro. It’s purpose is the day-based absence management of project teams. TeamCal

Rainmeter Skin Grayhound

The Rainmeter Skin “Grayhound” is a skin for the desktop metering software Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a popular and free metering software providing beautiful skins to

Jira Statuscolor

JIRA Statuscolor Plugin

One of the hottest UX topics discussed for JIRA is it’s restriction to only visualize three status categories by color. The free JIRA Statuscolor Plugin

Confluence User Macros

Confluence User Macros

When you host Confluence yourself, custom Confluence user macros can become a powerful companion for your daily work.

Lewe Jira Connector

Lewe Jira Connector is a WordPress plugin that allows to connect to a Jira host (Server, Data Center or Cloud) and display issue and filter



ChordPress is a Lewe WordPress plugin that reads and processes ChordPro formatted text, including several content and formatting directives, and renders it for WordPress sites.


Plugins and Macros

Plugins and macros for Confluence and WordPress


I always had a soft side for design ans skinning

Website Services

Commercial services for web design and site support.

What People are Saying

“Thank you. This is so helpful for campfire singing (if you get a signal there 🙂 ).”
about ChordPress
“Thank you very much for your assistance and a great tool.”
about TeamCasl Neo
“Finally, a quick and hasslefree way to add a visual touch to my Confluence pages.”
about Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence
“I wanted to send a massive “thank you” on behalf of our company. We have been using TeamCal Pro for 9 years now and recently upgraded to TeamCal Neo. It runs like an absolute dream. You’ve incorporated fantastic features into TeamCal Neo.”
about TeamCal Neo

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