TeamCal Pro Lifecycle End

TeamCal Pro Lifecycle End Dear TeamCal Pro users,

with the release of TeamCal Neo, the successor of TeamCal Pro, I have ended the development of TeamCal Pro. No further improvements or features will be developed anymore.

Support and bug fixes for TeamCal Pro will still be addressed until the end of the year 2016. After that, TeamCal Pro will have reached the end of it’s lifecycle.


What a Trip!

TeamCal started as an Excel application somewhen in the late 90’s. In 2004 when the Internet and web applications were mushrooming I decided to develop the first online version, “TeamCal”. It was then not using a database yet but flat INI files. The last release of TeamCal is still downloadable from here: Downloads.

TeamCal Pro (TCP) was the logical next step, starting a pure web application from scratch and adding database support. When I decided to publish it to the public I did not expect that it would become so successful and popular. Many users confirmed to me that the concept of a day-based calendar was one key factor for it’s success. The rest is about to become history at the end of this year, 2016.

Web technology has advanced super fast in the last ten years and with the introduction of mobile devices, responsive design became important. User interfaces changed a lot too. All in all I came to realize that the TeamCal Pro engine could not be squeezed any longer to get all these new requirements achieved. The idea of another “start from scratch” – TeamCal Neo (TCN) – was born. In 2014 I began the work on it.

What a Community!

TeamCal Pro, and TeamCal Neo for that matter, wouldn’t be what they are today without you, the user community. Bug reports, improvement and feature requests came in at a rate that I was not prepared to handle at first. Also, mods and language files were contributed, making TeamCal Pro rather a community product than one of a single developer. I can only say Thank You again to all involved.

What Now?

TeamCal NeoNow, that TeamCal Neo is out and picking up a lot of speed I realized, as sad as it is, that it is time to end development and support of TeamCal Pro.

So in April 2016 I announced that TCP is not further developed anymore to be able to concentrate on TCN.

The first public release of TeamCal Neo was published in July 2016. Since then I have been, again, more busy than expected to address requests from the community.

In order to concentrate my attention on the new TeamCal Neo, the TeamCal Pro Lifecycle has to end as well at a certain point. This will be the end of 2016 when I will also end the support of TCP.

What to do to upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade your TeamCal Pro to TeamCal Neo. Some features have changed but all your core data can be imported into TeamCal Neo. Read all about it here:

What do you say?

I hope for your understanding and thank you for the support, feedback and ideas I have received from you since 2004. I hope you will show the same enthusiasm for the new TeamCal Neo.

Feel free to add your thoughts below…

Best regards,

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  1. Oh my god! Really?

    Hi George,
    just kidding. Of course it is understandable that after such a long time you need to move forward. I have been a happy TCP user for many years and just recently saw that you have released TeamCal Neo. Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but will certainly do so soon.

    Thanks a bunch for your great work. Looking forward to take TCN for a test drive. Looks awesome in the demo…

    Best regards,

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