TeamCal NeoTeamCal Neo 3 has now been branched off of the legacy TeamCal Neo and will further be developed as a commercial release. Its little brother, TeamCal Neo Basic, however, will stay free to use for any purpose and covers all core features of the legacy release.

The split into two products helps a lot in better handling features and support for both, the personal and the commercial use.

The legacy version 2.2.3 from 2019 will not be maintained or developed further anymore.

TeamCal Neo vs. TeamCal Neo Basic

From version 3 on, two separate TeamCal Neo products are available now:

  1. TeamCal Neo Basic (free)
  2. TeamCal Neo (commercial)

TeamCal Neo Basic

TeamCal Neo Basic is the free version of the calendar app. Use it at no cost wherever and for whatever purpose you like. It does not rely on your or my judgement anymore what “personal” or “commercial” use is or means. It provides core features of the application that will suffice most of the previous “personal” use cases. The first release with version number 2.3.0 derives from the legacy TeamCal Neo 2.2.3 but it does not carry all the features of that release anymore.

TeamCal Neo Basic has the following restrictions:

  • A maximum of 20 user accounts
  • A maximum of 10 absence types
  • No statistics
  • No messaging
  • No attachments

TeamCal Neo 3

TeamCal Neo is the commercial release. It now requires a proper license to work properly. The other benefits of this release are that it will be ahead of “Basic” in regards to features and improvements. These are currently:

  • Complete update to Bootstrap 4 (quite and adventure…)
  • 22 updated/new themes
  • Update to Font Awesome 5.12
  • License Management features


You can find more details, a feature comparison and the downloads of all releases on the

Product Page


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