TeamCal Pro

TeamCal ProTeamCal Pro is the classic version of the popular free online calendar.

TeamCal Pro is not supported anymore and will not be further developed. It is replaced by the new TeamCal Neo.


TeamCal Pro is a web-based application utilizing PHP and a MySQL database. It’s generic purpose is the day-based absence management of project teams, more precisely of their members.

The goal was to create an optically attractive but also effective representation of a calendar display, showing the presence and absence of each team member. TeamCal Pro supports the customization of holiday types and absence types, thus its purpose can be altered to any graphical representation of timeline based processes or activities, e.g. a simple project plan or an event management.

TeamCal Pro is a free open source application. You can use it at no cost in any non-profit environment. If you want to utilize TeamCal Pro in a commercial context (like managing your employees’ absences) I kindly ask for a donation of 50.00 EUR.

Please go to the Home page and use the Donation Form there if you like. Thank You very much!


TeamCal Pro offers a wide variety of options that you can use to adjust its features to your needs. Those features include:

Year Calendar View

yearBesides of the month-based view you can switch to a year view for each user. In one glance you will see all absences of that user throughout the year. This is very helpful to sew how certain blocks of absences are spread over the year.


daynoteYou can define notes for each day of the calendar like holidays, events, anniversaries and such. A daynote is indicated by a little red marker in the according cell. Moving the mouse over that cell will reveal the note in form of a pop-up window.

Group Memberships

group_assignmentEach user can be assigned to a group. The groups can be defined by the administrator. A can be a simple member of a group or can be the manager of that group granting him certain additional rights.

Manage Absence Types

absence_typesThe administrator can create and configure individual abesnce types. Besides a one-letter code and colors he can define thresholds and allowances per absence type.

Absence Type Icons

absence_iconEach absence type can be assigned an icon. This icon is then displayed in the calendar views instead of it literal representation. TeamCal Pro comes with a variety of icon. Own icons can be uploaded as well.

Declination Management

declinationBased on thresholds of a maximum absence percentage per group the Declination Management will provide approval capabilities to group managers.

Comfortable Menu

menuTeamCal Pro makes use of the comfortable jsCookMenu. It does not only look nice but it also offers a very convenient way to navigate through the many features of the application.


statisticsTeamCal Pro offers detailed statistics about abesences and presences. That way managers can get an effective graphical overview.

System Log

systemlogTeamCal Pro offers a configurable loggin of system events. Everything that users do, add or change cen ba viewed in the system hostory log display.

Permission Schemes

permissionsWho can do what in TeamCal Pro is defined by permission schemes. You decide what permissions you want to grant to regular users, managers, directors or administrators – or even the public for that matter.

Message Center

messageYou can communicate with other users via the message center. Decide whether you want your message to pop up the next time the receiving user logs in or whether you want it to be sent to him via eMail.


In order to install and run TeamCal Pro you need:

  • a Web Server (e.g. Apache or IIS)
  • PHP 4 or higher
  • PHP short tags on
  • MySQL 4 or higher
  • write access to your web server

The download package contains an installation script. Just…:

  • unpack the archive to your web server
  • direct your browser to that location




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