How to get a LicenseRead here about how to get a license and receive a license key for your Lewe products.

Why a license?

Some of my products have become quite challenging in their support. Providing support and continuous improvement require considerable resources and I hope for your understanding that I ask for a small license fee so I can continue doing so.

How to apply for a license?

You can request a license by submitting a License Request ticket on the Support site. In order to do so, you need to register and account.

Lewe Service Desk

Will I get a proper invoice?

Of course. After you have submitted your License Request ticket an invoice will be created and sent to you with the details of the license and the payment options.

How do I get the license key?

After your payment has been received, a proper license key will be created for you and sent to you to the email address you have provided.

How do I apply the license key?

You can apply the license from within the product that it is for. Install the product and navigate to the settings or configuration page. Enter the license key there and click on ‘Activate’. Here are two examples:

Invalid License

WordPress License Tab

How do I renew a license?

A license is valid for one year. Based on the product and the settings you chose in it you will be informed about an upcoming or already expired license. If you want to renew your license, use the same process as applying for a license. Submit a License Request issue here on this site. Please add your current license key to the description field.

The license will be extended after the renewal payment has been received.

How do I unblock a license?

There are reasons that can lead to a blocked license, e.g. an overdue payment, failure to renew or fraud. In such a case submit a License Request issue here on this site to have your license unblocked or renewed. Please add your current license key to the description field.


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