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Lewe.com's New Paint

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Yep, Lewe.com got a new paint.

The "old" one had aged a bit but I admit that one of the more important reasons for the re-design was "maintenance". Custom code and bi-linguality took a toll on my resources. Adding a simple article took too much time, providing it in two languages and inserting it into the site.

I decided to use more popular public modules that are easier to maintain and also to go English only. I hope that the German speaking community will forgive me. But I think that English has become such a common language to speak and read that it should not present a too big of a challenge for you.

I tried to keep the site map close to the old one so that you should not have any problems to find stuff.

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Bstrap Theme for phpMyProfiler 0.5.000 Released

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A small update to the popular Bstrap theme for phpMyProfiler. This one adds the "All" tab, like the lokal application offers as well. That tab is now the default tab.

Don't forget to delete the web server "templates_c" cache after installation.

phpMyProfiler is an excellent and free web application displaying a vast amount of information about your DVD collection. Based on the XML export of the local Windows application "DVD Profiler" by Invelos, it parses the information from there and presents it on any web site you like. "Bstrap" is a theme I developed for phpMyProfiler based on Bootstrap, the popular framework for HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and responsive web design.



Enjoy your movie collection with your friends on mobile devices too now...

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TeamCal Pro 3.6.019 Released

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The Release 3.6.019 is now available.

This release includes some new great improvement suggestions and some smaller bugfixes. Thanks to everybody for their kind words and donations that I have recieved.

  Release Info



The TeamCal Pro user manual can be found at TeamCal Pro User Manual.

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