Data Security and Privacy

Lewe plugins for Atlassian products do not gather, collect, store, process or transmit any information about individuals nor do they process analytical or tracking information or make use of cookies.

Atlassian Marketplace

Any personal information required for licensing and billing is collected and processed by Atlassian and is governed by the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use. Lewe has access to personal and billing information as part of the reporting and analytics features provided by Atlassian to Marketplace vendors.

This information can be used for analysis and improvement of the Lewe products and services. It may also be used to contact you regarding product or service related topics, as you have listed yourself as a contact for the plugin at Atlassian’s Marketplace.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used by Atlassian to collect usage information on the Atlassian Marketplace add-on listing pages. Any private information collected by Atlassian or third party partners on the Atlassian Marketplace website is governed by the Atlassian Privacy Policy. Lewe does receive Google Analytics data from the Atlassian Marketplace website but has no control over their collection, storage and processing.

Support with Jira Cloud

Lewe offers Atlassian Jira Cloud for customer support. Using that support channel requires to create an Atlassian ID account. Any personal information related to that account is governed by the Atlassian Privacy Policy.