“You eat with your eyes first!” Something like that is true for software as well. I always had a soft side for design and skinning. Couldn’t help it. How beautiful is it when colors match and objects align?

Rainmeter Skin Grayhound

Grayhound DesktopThe Rainmeter Skin “Grayhound” is a skin for the desktop metering software Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a popular and free metering software providing beautiful skins to display system information on your desktop. It allows to design your own skins as well.

My skin “Grayhound” provides a non-intrusive, grayish visualization of your meters. It is loosely based on the “Enigma”skin.


TeamCal Neo Themes

Slate ThemeCare for looks? No problem. TeamCal Neo comes with 23 different visual themes that you can easily select from the Framework Configuration. You can even configure whether users can select their own favorite theme or whether they have to live with your choice as an administrator.


phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap

phpMyProfiler Skin BstrapphpMyProfiler is a free and open source web-based application for displaying your DVD Profiler movie collection online. DVD Profiler supports an XML export. You import that file into your phpMyProfiler web application and you can present your collection on your own website. I developed this phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap to offer a modern Bootstrap based theme for it.



Sysmetrix Skin Osci Pro

Sysmetrix Skin Osci ProI created the skin when I was playing around with Sysmetrix. This resource metering software is very powerful once you get a hang of it. You basically create a background bitmap and place system information on top of it.



DVDProfiler Skin Deviant

DVDProfiler Skin DeviantThis DVDProfiler Skin Deviant is made for the Windows application DVDProfiler, a tool to manage your DVD collection. It is based an classic deviant colors and comes in three tastes of those.



DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuff

DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuffThe DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuff was made for DVDProfiler. This one is called “Guistuff” in relation to a GUI website I knew. Unfortunately it does not exist anymore. I never found any usage for the beautiful graphics there.