Lewe.com provides customer support for its PLUGINs listed on the Atlassian Marketplace. The links to the support sites are posted in those listings.

Customer Support Policy

Lewe.com will respond to support requests as soon as possible, based on European business hours. Not being a large Software provider, that might not always possible in your expetected response time window. Lewe.com asks for your understanding in such cases and guarantees that your request will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Not always can a satsifying solution be provided for your specific issue. This might be related to incompatibiity reasons to the parent product, strategic factors or other dependencies. In any case, Lewe.com will provide a response to you explaining the resolution.

PLUGIN support does not include training, however, such support is requestable as a chargable service.

PLUGIN support is provided in English and German only.

Atlassian Product Compatibility Policy

Lewe.com PLUGINs are only supported for Atlassian products specified in the Marketplace Listing of the PLUGIN.

However, Atlassian products that ran out of their life cycle, even though still listed as compatible in the PLUGIN listing, are NOT supported. Please review the list of End-of-life Atlassian products here: Atlassian Support End of Life Policy.