phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap

phpMyProfiler Skin BstrapphpMyProfiler is a free and open source web-based application for displaying your DVD Profiler movie collection online. DVD Profiler supports an XML export. You import that file into your phpMyProfiler web application and you can present your collection on your own website. I developed this phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap to offer a modern Bootstrap based theme for it.


I like both tools a lot, being a movie fan and all. I joined the phpMyProfiler development team a few years ago and contributed to the skin development.

phpMyProfiler Skin BstrapWith the rise of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap I instantly thought of phpMyProfiler to be an ideal candidate to develop a responsive skin based on those new technologies. It turned out to be a very rewarding project, now being able to show and discuss movie anywhere with your mobile device. Enjoy the phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap.


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phpMyProfiler Home Page

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phpMyProfiler Skin: Bstrap

Version: 0.5.000

A Bootstrap based theme for phpMyprofiler. Download via Bitbucket.

Author: George Lewe