New Support

The support channels have changed, from Atlassian oriented services back to community powered platforms. Read here why.

Over the last weeks I have build and migrated my support channels on cummunity powered platforms like WordPress and Github. I recieved several inquiries about this move that I will try to answer and explain in this post.

Why not Atlassian anymore ?

Atlassian offers great applications, no doubt about that. I have been part of thier development for the last 15 years or so, as an  employee of an IT provider Enterprise and as a small-team software developer on my own account. They served both equally in the beginning.

Serving mostly Enterprises today and a vast amount of users, Atlassian faces the challenge that they can’t make their products right for everyone anymore.

The business processes that the Atlassian tools support are not uncommon in smaller companies and even small development teams as well. I became interested in what other solutions are out there that are community driven where the users take it in their own hands where a product is going,

Alternatives ?

Yes, there are many and I was surprised when I started to look deeper into it. I found several solutions for any size of business and budget. Many of them are open source or maintained by the community for the community, others offer custom solutions and support for your needs. You get what you want and not what others think you want.

Joy ?

Absolutely! Being able to put together what I need or to adjust code and features how I need them is very satisfying. Getting support from the community and to contribute to the community is another huge factor for me. Freedom and independence from closed-source-forced-features products is a joy.

And ?

I have decided to give the other platforms and tools that I found a try for my small contribution to the IT world.

Check it out: