IzzitUp Status Monitor

IzzitUp Status Monitor

A source-available web application to post status and events of your services


Your Companion for Customers and Ops Teams

Inform your custmers about your services' status, past and upcoming events.
Let your Ops team manage services and events in IzzitUp or use the API to let other tools do so.
Let your specialists post updates to ongoing events to inform customers about the progress.

Uncluttered Homepage<br>with Expandable Details

Uncluttered Homepage
with Expandable Details

IzzitUp doesn't overwhelm visitors with too much details on first sight. It starts simple and uncluttered and lets the visitors decide what section to expand to see exactly the details they want.

3-Color Availability Bar<br>Up, Impaired, Out

3-Color Availability Bar
Up, Impaired, Out

Availability is reported via a 3-colored availablity bar showing the percentage of Operational, Impaired and Outage times based on the current month. Show several month on the history page.

Cluster Services in<br>Logical Groups

Cluster Services in
Logical Groups

Showing an overall status for Services that have nothing to do with each other does not make much sense. Use Service Groups to to cluster those for which it does. The homepage will show it accordingly.

Use cURL Pings<br>for a Quick Check

Use cURL Pings
for a Quick Check

A statuspage does not meter services automatically by nature, however, IzzitUp offers a manual cURL ping to do a quick check on the response time of a specific link per Service.

Manage Events

Manage Events

Plan and schedule your maintenance activities or quickly add an unexpected impairment or outage. IzzitUp also allows to add comments for ongoing events to post their current progress.

Permission Matrixes

Permission Matrixes

Create your individual permission matrix and decide what page can be accessed by what user role. Additionally, managing services of a certain service group can be restricted to individual user groups.


Subscriptions can be registered by anyone. IzzitUp will send notification emails about status changes of Services to the subscriber. Any Service? Of course not, the subscriber can pick those he is interested in..

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22 Themes

IzzitUp is based on the popular Bootstrap framework. It also includes the awesome Bootswatch themes that provide a variety of visual themes to chose from. The selection of a theme is not only possible globally but also per user if the administrator so allows.
Here are two of them...

Darkly Theme

Darkly Theme

If you like it dark...

Sketchy Theme

Sketchy Theme

If you like it sketchy...

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Of course, IzzitUp adjusts to the size of the device you view it on.

You are a Developer?

IzzitUp is distributed as a source-available software. If you want to get your hands on the code to adjust things to your special needs, compliant to the license agreement of course, you can do so.

You Need Help?

No problem. IzzitUp is well documented.
You can also use the Support Site to submit request tickets.

Available Licenses


  • Non-commercial Use Only
  • All core features included
  • 1 site
  • Basic Support
Start-Up Offer 2022

Start-Up Offer 2022

If you register a commercial license by the end of March 2022 you get 25% percent off.

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