Rainmeter Skin Grayhound

Grayhound DesktopThe Rainmeter Skin “Grayhound” is a skin for the desktop metering software Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a popular and free metering software providing beautiful skins to display system information on your desktop. It allows to design your own skins as well.

My skin “Grayhound” provides a non-intrusive, grayish visualization of your meters. It is loosely based on the “Enigma”skin.


Confluence Plugin MathJax

Confluence Plugin MathJaxThe Confluence Plugin MathJax makes MathJax available in your Confluence wiki. Must I say more? From within your Confluence editor you can access MathJax functions to display mathematic formulars on your Confluence page. The plugin was developed by David A.W. Barton (davebarton @ cityinthesky.co.uk).

However, his last release is not compatible anymore with Confluence 7.x. We have created an updated release that is. Find it here…

The new release 2.7 also comes in a CHTML version.


New Lewe.com Support

The Lewe.com support channels have changed, from Atlassian oriented services back to community powered platforms. Read here why.


TeamCal Neo 3

TeamCal NeoTeamCal Neo 3 has now been branched off of the legacy TeamCal Neo and will further be developed as a commercial release. Its little brother, TeamCal Neo Basic, however, will stay free to use for any purpose and covers all core features of the legacy release.


TeamCal Neo

TeamCal NeoTeamCal Neo is a web-based calendar application and successor to the popular TeamCal Pro. It’s purpose is the day-based absence management of project teams.

TeamCal Neo’s goal is to maintain the successful concept of a day-based calendar while providing an easy yet attractive user interface.

TeamCal Neo supports the customization of holiday types and absence types, thus, its purpose can be altered to any graphical representation of timeline based processes or activities, e.g. a simple project plan or an event management. I have seen many great ideas of how to use TeamCal Pro that can also be done in TeamCal Neo.


Shortcode Bootstrap Visuals

Custom Bootstrap 4 plugins for WordPress are hard to find. Most of them intefere with your current site setup. I created Shortcode Bootstrap Visuals after not finding what I needed.


Sysinternals Toolbox

Sysinternals ToolboxI created a new release 4.0.0 of the Sysinternals Toolbox, adding 8 more and new utilities from the collection. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download it.

The Sysinternals Toolbox is a setup routine that will install WebDAV links to the utilitie

s of Microsoft Sysinternals. All utilities there are always current and maintained by the Sysinternals team.

For you, the tools are accessible from your Windows Start menu like any other, only that they are launched directly from the Sysinternals server.


Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence

The Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence Add-on (Plugin) provides user macros for placing Bootstrap visuals on your page. Bootstrap is an open source web development framework by the great people at http://getbootstrap.com. Bootstrap is known for beautifully styled HTML objects that you can now use on your Confluence pages as well.


HTML and AUI Toolkit for Confluence

The HTML and AUI Toolkit for Confluence App (Plugin) provides user macros for placing pure HTML tags on your page and several of Atlassian’s own AUI elements like flags, icons, lozenges, messages, progress bars and more. It comes with English and German language support.


ChartJS v2 Confluence User Macros

The Confluence ChartJS v2 Macro is a set of Confluence user macros that enables you to put Chart.js 2.x diagrams on your Confluence pages. Confluence (server version) offers the option to create “User Macros”, little scripts that can be included in pages creating content on the fly. Chart.js is an open source charting script making use of the HTML5 canvas tag.


TeamCal Neo Themes

Slate ThemeCare for looks? No problem. TeamCal Neo comes with 23 different visual themes that you can easily select from the Framework Configuration. You can even configure whether users can select their own favorite theme or whether they have to live with your choice as an administrator.


Confluence Local Time Macro

The Confluence Local Time Macro is a simple but useful macro allowing you to place a clock on your page showing the date and time of the current user viewing your page or showing a fixed timezone.


TeamCal Pro Lifecycle End

TeamCal Pro Lifecycle End Dear TeamCal Pro users,

with the release of TeamCal Neo, the successor of TeamCal Pro, I have ended the development of TeamCal Pro. No further improvements or features will be developed anymore.

Support and bug fixes for TeamCal Pro will still be addressed until the end of the year 2016. After that, TeamCal Pro will have reached the end of it’s lifecycle.



Forum Online Again

Forum OnlineFortunately, I was able to recover the Lewe.com forum from an older backup.

While several posts and user accounts from the last months got lost (apologies!), most of it is available again here: Lewe.com Forum.


JIRA Statuscolor Plugin

JIRA Statuscolor PluginOne of the hottest UX topics discussed for JIRA is it’s restriction to only visualize three status categories by color. The free JIRA Statuscolor Plugin eases that pain by allowing to custom color each status in filter and gadget results.


Forum Upgrade

Forum UpgradeIt was about time to do a forum upgrade at Lewe.com. I tried it once earlier this year but the update routine failed for some reason. I admit I was too lazy to figure out why and put it aside for while.



ChartJS Confluence User Macros

The Confluence ChartJS Macro is a set of Confluence user macros that enables you to put Chart.js diagrams on your Confluence pages. Confluence (server version) offers the option to create “User Macros”, little scripts that can be included in pages creating content on the fly. Chart.js is an open source charting script making use of the HTML5 canvas tag.


Windows Sounds Commander Zod

Windows Sounds Commander ZodCommander Zod” was a very popular tower defense game in the late 90s. Not only the challenging AI is worth to mention but also the humorous story and corresponding sounds are adding to the fun. Imagine Brad and Allan, two robots, drinking oil for beer and bitching about their commander Zod. A perfect set of funny sounds to add to Windows. Enjoy the Windows Sounds Commander Zod.


Windows Sounds iSpeech Female

Windows Sounds iSpeech FemaleiSpeech.org offers online text-to-speech conversion with several voice templates. I found it quite amusing and interesting to play with this feature. For personal use, sound pieces up to 1 minute are free. The idea to create Windows sounds with it was quickly born and I created the ones that you can download from here, called Windows Sounds iSpeech Female. Not all sounds “she” speaks are rated PG but they give a special and funny touch to your Windows events.


phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap

phpMyProfiler Skin BstrapphpMyProfiler is a free and open source web-based application for displaying your DVD Profiler movie collection online. DVD Profiler supports an XML export. You import that file into your phpMyProfiler web application and you can present your collection on your own website. I developed this phpMyProfiler Skin Bstrap to offer a modern Bootstrap based theme for it.



CSS Variables using PHP

CSS Variables using PHPThis article describes how you can use CSS variables using PHP. CSS variables have been often requested but opinions differ whether the CSS language should support them or not.


Notify Plus

Notify Plus“Darling, do you know what day it is today?”. Ever heard that question before and started sweating because it just hits you then that it is your anniversary?

Notify Plus can help avoid such awkward moments. Notify Plus is a legacy Windows program that checks current and upcoming events when you start up your computer.



Sysmetrix Skin Osci Pro

Sysmetrix Skin Osci ProI created the skin when I was playing around with Sysmetrix. This resource metering software is very powerful once you get a hang of it. You basically create a background bitmap and place system information on top of it.



DVDProfiler Skin Deviant

DVDProfiler Skin DeviantThis DVDProfiler Skin Deviant is made for the Windows application DVDProfiler, a tool to manage your DVD collection. It is based an classic deviant colors and comes in three tastes of those.



DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuff

DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuffThe DVDProfiler Skin GUIStuff was made for DVDProfiler. This one is called “Guistuff” in relation to a GUI website I knew. Unfortunately it does not exist anymore. I never found any usage for the beautiful graphics there.