TeamCal Neo

TeamCal Neo 2.2.2 has been released! The new version fixes a few bugs. Thanks guys for spotting them. Check out the new release!

Grayhound Desktop

Rainmeter Skin Grayhound

The Rainmeter Skin Grayhound is a skin for the desktop metering softwaren Rainmeter. I love it since its early days. This skin provides a non-intrusive, grayish visualization of your meters. …

ChordPress for WordPress

The ChordPress for WordPress plugin reads and processes ChordPro formatted text, including several content and formatting directives, and renders it for WordPress sites.

Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence

Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence

The Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence Add-on (Plugin) provides user macros for placing Bootstrap visuals on your page. Bootstrap is an open source web development framework by the great people at …