Windows Sounds Commander Zod

Windows Sounds Commander ZodCommander Zod” was a very popular tower defense game in the late 90s. Not only the challenging AI is worth to mention but also the humorous story and corresponding sounds are adding to the fun. Imagine Brad and Allan, two robots, drinking oil for beer and bitching about their commander Zod. A perfect set of funny sounds to add to Windows. Enjoy the Windows Sounds Commander Zod.

Windows Sounds iSpeech Female

Windows Sounds iSpeech offers online text-to-speech conversion with several voice templates. I found it quite amusing and interesting to play with this feature. For personal use, sound pieces up to 1 minute are free. The idea to create Windows sounds with it was quickly born and I created the ones that you can download from here, called Windows Sounds iSpeech Female. Not all sounds “she” speaks are rated PG but they give a special and funny touch to your Windows events.