Atlassian is one of the leading providers for Enterprise collaboration tools. You might know JIRA and Confluence. They allow 3rd party plugins and macros, adding more features to the products. Check out some of those we did below. They are free and available for download.

Confluence Local Time Macro

The Confluence Local Time Macro is a simple but useful macro allowing you to place a clock on your page showing the date and time of the current user viewing your page or showing a fixed timezone.

JIRA Statuscolor Plugin

JIRA Statuscolor PluginOne of the hottest UX topics discussed for JIRA is it’s restriction to only visualize three status categories by color. The free JIRA Statuscolor Plugin eases that pain by allowing to custom color each status in filter and gadget results.

Confluence ChartJS Macro

The Confluence ChartJS Macro is a set of Confluence user macros that enables you to put Chart.js diagrams on your Confluence pages. Confluence (server version) offers the option to create “User Macros”, little scripts that can be included in pages creating content on the fly. Chart.js is an open source charting script making use of the HTML5 canvas tag.

Confluence Plugin MathJax

Confluence Plugin MathJaxThe Confluence Plugin MathJax makes MathJax available in your Confluence wiki. Must I say more? From within your Confluence editor you can access MathJax functions to display mathematic formulars on your Confluence page. The plugin was developed by David A.W. Barton (davebarton @

However, his last release is not compatible anymore with Confluence 5.3 or higher. We have created an updated release that is. Find it here…