Forum Online Again

Forum OnlineFortunately, I was able to recover the forum from an older backup.

While several posts and user accounts from the last months got lost (apologies!), most of it is available again here: Forum.

The forum is meant for general topics and for providing a platform to you where you can communicate with other users.

Please use the JIRA tracker for submitting bug reports, feature and improvement requests.

Best regards,
George Lewe

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Forum Down

Forum DownUnfortunately, I had to take down the forum after it had been severly hacked and spammed over that last days.

While this is unfortunate on one side I am not too unhappy about it either because the forum software I was using did just not get their security issues under control. That meant a lot of administrative work for me cleaning up the messes spammers were causing.

Please use the JIRA tracker for now to submit your support requests. I am looking into creating a new forum if I find a suitable software for it.

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Sysinternals Toolbox

Sysinternals Toolbox

Sysinternals ToolboxThe Sysinternals Toolbox is a setup routine that will install WebDAV links to the utilities of Microsoft Sysinternals. All utilities there are always current and maintained by the Sysinternals team.

For you, the tools are accessible from your Windows Start menu like any other, only that they are launched directly from the Sysinternals server. (more…)

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